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Pulitzer Prize-winning Getty photographer John Moore was the man responsible for the photo of the sobbing little girl watching her mother be frisked at the border. After going viral, TIME magazine used a remixed version of the photo on the cover of their magazine, and now some want the little girl to be compensated for it.

“As a father myself, this photograph was especially difficult for me to take,” Moore wrote when he posted the photo on his Instagram channel. He shot several photos of the girl.

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He said that the 2-year-old girl is a Honduran asylum seeker that was taken into custody along with her mother.

“They had just crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico and were to be transported to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing center,” Moore wrote. “The Trump administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy for undocumented immigrants calls for the separation of parents and children while their cases for political asylum are adjudicated, a process that can take months – or years.”

Some activists want to see the girl get paid for her image being splashed across the media.

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In the images Moore shared on Twitter, he implied that the child would be separated from her mother, and thanked Washington Post for using his image on a story about illegal alien family separations.

TIME magazine used a photo-shopped version of the image on the cover of their latest issue, further implying that the child was separated from her mother.

Now the child’s father,  still in Honduras, has been reached by the Daily Mail and confirmed that the child was never separated from her mother. The two are reportedly being held in detention together. The mother was previously deported from the US in 2013. She left her husband and three other children behind in Honduras, and was apprehended illegally crossing the border once again this week.

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