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In a case that helps illustrates why illegal immigrants game the system, the Trump administration is punishing a major hotel chain for refusing to hire a man that is not a lawful permanent resident or American citizen. Like countless undocumented aliens seeking quick employment, the man applied for asylum, a fraud-infested government program famously abused by foreigners to obtain work permits and other benefits in the U.S. When the New York-based hotel eliminated the asylee from the hiring process the Department of Justice (DOJ) charged it with discrimination after he filed a complaint.

This week the DOJ settled the case with the Hyatt Place Hotel in Queens. Under the settlement, the hotel’s management company, MJFT, will pay a civil penalty, train its staff and be subject to government monitoring and reporting requirements for three years. “In general, employers may not restrict the employment opportunities of asylees because of their citizenship or immigration status,” John Gore, the principal deputy assistant attorney general for the DOJ Civil Rights Division, said in an agency statement. “The Department is committed to enforcing workplace laws that prohibit discrimination to ensure that individuals have an opportunity to be fully and fairly evaluated based on their merits when they apply for jobs.” The DOJ asserts that the hotel discriminated against a work-authorized immigrant in violation of the anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

The article goes on to state the following:

It’s important to note the history of the U.S. government’s asylum program, long abused by illegal immigrants making fraudulent claims to get work permits and other taxpayer-funded benefits. When the program started in the 1990s asylum applicants received work permits instantly upon filling out the application. This led to a barrage of work permits being issued by the government. The policy eventually changed, by making asylum applicants wait 180 days before receiving authorization to work. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the overwhelmed agency that administers the nation’s lawful immigration system, refers to this as the “180-day Asylum EAD Clock”. The clock starts ticking the moment an asylum application is filled out.

“This is a perfect example that defends my ongoing argument about why Trump never mentions mandatory e-Verify.  I argue that the Trump administration pretends to want a wall knowing full well they’ll never get it, meanwhile, they flood the economy with cheap labor to help construction companies and hotels, and all the other companies represented by the special interest groups. Never once during his presidency has Trump ever threatened to crack down on employers to hire illegal aliens, never has he asked Congress for mandatory e-Verify, and never has he told the caravans they can’t get jobs.  Here we have an example given by the highly reputable Judicial Watch — they report an example of  Trump’s DOJ cracking down on a company trying to do the right thing.  There are some people who really need to loosen the velcro strip on the MAGA hat.” – Dennis Michael Lynch

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  1. I don’t remember who sung it, But the song “Only in America ” Land of Opportunity came to mind. SMH

  2. Another example of why e-verify is important. But if they seek asylum does that mean they get a work permit and benefits? WHY???? This makes no sense to me. Hyatt should take it to the Supreme Court.

  3. Dennis Michael Lynch acts so surprised when the Trump administration stopped discrimination on Asylumees. When President Trump says he wants more people to come in legally because the businesses are staying in the U.S. and we need more people. Was Dennis listening at his rallies?

    • If I am reading the article correctly, DLM is saying that President Trump wants more cheap labor and is not pushing e-verify. I “think” the article is anti-Trump, but it is written in a very strange way.

      • You’re right Nick. It is an anti-Trump article. There is always another side to the story so even though it appears that this is something Trump should not have done, there may be more to the story that we don’t know. I like to have ALL the facts before I make a decision!

        • To Nick and Ruth……this is not the 1st anti-Trump article DML has written. Seems he nit pics things our President does before knowing all the facts. If DML is in disagreement with President Trump, maybe he should ask the President WHY he did it. I, for one, have always seen why POTUS does what he does, even if it’s not immediately obvious.

  4. He has a work permit that extends through the asylum process. he has the same legal and lawful employment rights as a U. S. Citizen or green card holder aka: a LAPR (Lawfully Admitted Permanent Resident Alien. These rights will expire if and when his asylum claim is denied or he is later ordered deported from the United States.

  5. DML – give Trump a break! You complain about him not pushing E-verify, but I guess you don’t remember he was for the Goodlatt bill, but told congress to find a solution because it is their job. Maybe you forget – Trump is not a dictator and does not act like a dictator, so now you criticize him for not acting like a dictator.

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