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President Trump’s incendiary claims that his Democratic critics in Congress are un-American are driving a deep wedge between his 2020 campaign and critical elements of the coalition he needs to secure a second term.

Suburban women and college-educated whites sidelined doubts about Trump and provided support crucial to his victory over Hillary Clinton. But many, fed up with the president’s antics and rhetoric, defected to the Democratic Party in midterm elections two years later. Senior Republican strategists are warning that Trump’s divisive attacks on the four female minority congressional Democrats could permanently exile these key voting blocs, costing the president reelection.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Republicans want this election to be about the economy and judges. If it’s about Trump’s tweets and temperament, it’s likely that Democrats will have an enthusiasm advantage,” said Alex Conant, a GOP operative who has advised presidential candidates.

One veteran Republican consultant called Trump’s “go back” tweets a greater political challenge for Trump than the controversial remarks he made after the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, two summers ago. Trump said there were “good people” on both sides of the conflict. The remarks were widely panned because one group in the conflict were labeled as white supremacists.

“It’s the worst thing he has done,” the GOP insider told the Examiner. “It’s a blunder and the telling fact that not a single person in the White House has the ability to course correct … and keep it from being a week-long story sets up a terrible narrative.”

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  1. I support the President. People see life through their filters, if they are racist they will see the world as racist.

  2. In my humble opinion the four Queens or squad as they prefer to be called expect their continuation of this “feud” will negatively affect the President’s reelection. They start things purposely to get a reaction, knowing exactly what his reaction will be. I hope that Mr. Trump will be able to curtain responses, which they’ll hate more than his continued twitter feeds. I agree he and the country deserve an apology from each of them for the wedge they’ve created among us. Of course, it won’t be forthcoming and guess what the fake news media won’t have anything to write about.

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