Poll gives high marks for Trump

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A new poll from Politico/Morning Consult shows that Americans approve of President Trump’s efforts in fighting terrorism, but when it comes to healthcare reform, climate change and his promise to “drain the swamp,” his letter grades drop.

According to the results of the survey, which asked Americans to grade the president’s first three months in office, 16 percent of respondents gave the president an ‘A’ rating; 23 percent gave him a ‘B;’ 13 percent gave him a ‘D;’ and 24 percent said he flunked.

The poll, which was conducted from April 13 to 15 among 1,992 registered voters, showed that Trump received an approval rating of 48 percent and a disapproval rating of 45 percent. The margin of error is 2 percent.

Not surprisingly, opinions of Trump’s performance are split among partisan lines, with 48 percent of Democrats giving the president an ‘F’ grade and another 19 percent giving him a ‘D.’

When it comes to fighting terrorism, the president rose to the top of the class. Almost half of survey respondents gave Trump an ‘A’ or a ‘B.’ He did well on jobs, too, with 18 percent grading him with an ‘A’ and 21 percent giving him a ‘B.’

Trump’s grades sunk in regards to his actions on health care and climate change: “Just 9 percent of voters gave the president an ‘A’ grade on health care and 16 percent gave him a ‘B.’ Thirty-two percent gave Trump an ‘F’ grade on the subject.”

“On climate change, just 11 percent of voters gave Trump an ‘A,’ while 32 percent gave him an ‘F.’ And when asked about the president’s campaign promise to ‘drain the swamp,’ just 10 percent of voters gave him an ‘A’ while 27 percent responded with an ‘F.'”

While more than three-quarters of Republicans surveyed said that they think Trump’s performance in office will improve with time,  53 percent of Democrats expect the president’s performance to deteriorate.


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