Report: Trump to make drastic funding cuts to U.N.

President Trump

With the forthcoming 2018 White House budget prepped to be released on Thursday, reports say President Donald Trump will attempt to pull out much of the United States’ monetary contributions to the United Nations.

According to Foreign Policy, Trump’s team is wanting to cut more than half of the funding afforded through U.S. programs to the U.N. The incoming proposals are likely to be made possible at the expense of cutting the State Department and International Development budgets by a respective 37% decrease.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is said to be in favor of gradually introducing the suggested cuts over the course of the next three years, and is believed to be open to the manner of rolling out such budget restructures.

In any given year, the U.S. sends the U.N. approximately $10 billion in aiding peacekeeping initiatives such as UNICEF, funded through the State Department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs. Though other notable programs, namely the World Food Programme and the U.N.’s refugee resettlement efforts, are less susceptible to the incoming budget slashes, some say a predicted withdrawal will undoubtedly create “chaos.”

Attributing the U.S.’s sizable 38% makeup to the U.N.’s refugee resettlement programs, U.N. expert Richard Gowan said American budget cuts would “leave a gaping hole that other big donors would struggle to fill.”

“Multiply that across other humanitarian agencies like the World Food Programme and you are basically talking about the breakdown of the international humanitarian system as we know it,” Gowan continued.

It is rumored that U.S. diplomats have already issued warnings to fellow U.N. representatives that the U.S. is likely to see its role contributing to U.N. objectives become less substantial.

Donors from Europe, Japan, and South Korea were reportedly told by a U.S. diplomat that “[t]here are rumors of big cuts to the State Department budget, but again, on our side, no figures.”

Other U.N. reps were said to “expect a big financial restraint” from the United States at a March 9 meeting in New York City.

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