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Calling opioids coming into the U.S. from China and Mexico “almost a form of warfare,” President Trump on Thursday urged Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate foreign sources of fentanyl that he said are “killing our people.”

Speaking during a Cabinet meeting Thursday, Trump also took the unusual step of urging Sessions to file a “major” new lawsuit against opioid suppliers and manufacturers, rather than join existing lawsuits filed by states affected by the spread of the highly addictive, deadly drugs.

The article goes on to state the following:

“It’s almost a form of warfare,” Trump said, referring to the drugs he called “garbage” that are flowing into the country. “I’d be very firm on that. It’s a disgrace and we can stop it.”

Trump added: “I’d also like to ask you to bring a major lawsuit against the drug companies on opioids. Some states have done it, but I’d like a lawsuit to be brought against these companies that are really sending opioids at a level that — it really shouldn’t be happening. … People go into a hospital with a broken arm, they come out, they’re a drug addict.”

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  1. First they will have to find Sessions and wake him up from his daily snooze. I know he comes out once in a while and announces some charges against private companies and Medicare cheaters, but Washington is burning and he is nowhere to be found. What isn’t burning is being swallowed up by the swamp!

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