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Attorney Michael Avenatti and President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign manager Brad Parscale traded barbs Saturday over Parscale’s “working class” credentials.

Avenatti, the lawyer representing porn star Stormy Daniels in her case against Trump, mocked Parscale for posting a picture Friday with the president’s son Eric Trump aboard what Avenatti said was a private jet.

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“Ladies and Gentlemen – I bring you the men fighting on the front lines for working class people across America,” Avenatti posted to Twitter Friday night. “Pls ignore the shades, gold watch, smug look, private jet, and sheer cockiness. Trust me – they really do care about you. What a joke.”

On Saturday, Parscale shot back at Avenatti, calling him a “joke,” and listing his credentials as a “working class” American.

“You sir are the joke. Watch: 46 years old inherited from my dad who would run circles around you as working class. Plane: shuttle for 12 staff at ($400 each) which was cheaper. Born in Kansas and began my biz with $500. Sir I am middle America working class,” Parscale posted to Twitter.

The back and forth continued, with Avenatti tweeting, “’Working class’ @parscale? Your father was an attorney & CEO. You grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth. Just like Trump. That’s why you are tone deaf and taking ‘look at me in my shades’ pics on a private jet. Whatever you do, don’t quit running Trump’s campaign;we need you.”

Parscale replied, “Ha, you have no idea. I grew up, until I left, in East Topeka KS in a house built for 40k. My father owned a small biz and didn’t practice law when I was growing up. He became a CEO after I left. I wasn’t poor, my dad worked his butt off!”

Avenetti shot back, “Stop brining your father into this. You are a grown man that claims to be a professional in charge of running a presidential campaign. Why would I debate your father? I’ll debate you. Let’s go on TV and debate the issues facing America and discuss the 2020 campaign. You in?”

Parscale’s next tweet read, “Nothing more important than family. Proud of mine. Family values. Drive for success. Love of country. Respect for the law.”

Later Parscale tweeted, “Sad to see that some people now think working for the American dream is somehow failure. Hard work and striving for a better life is how this nation was built. [Donald Trump] has made that opportunity even better for most Americans. This is a GREAT thing!”

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