Report: U.S. consumers comfort index soaring

Bloomberg’s Consumer Comfort Index reached its highest level in over a decade.

Thursday’s data showed a growing buyer’s climate and an upbeat economy, overall. The numbers reflect the stock indexes which are at record highs and a steadily growing job market.

Bloomberg’s Consumer Comfort Index rose to 50.6 in the period ended Mar. 5, which is the highest since March 2007, up from 49.8. The buying-climate measure rose to 44.5, the strongest it’s been since April 2002.

While the most upbeat sentiments are coming from Republicans, the report shows Independents are more positive than they have been in the consumer market since 2001.

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Married couples are also in a good state, as the report shows couples are the most comfortable they have been in over a decade.

From Bloomberg:

Stock indexes near record highs and persistent strength in the job market have lifted the consumer comfort gauge in five of the last six weeks since the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The report showed respondents view the buying climate as the most favorable in nearly 15 years, indicating household spending may rebound after a slow start to 2017.


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