REPORT: United States giving billions to countries harboring terrorists

DML reporter Scarlett Fahkar delivered an eye-opening DML REPORT last night on ‘The Truth.” In her report, Fahkar highlighted the amount of foreign aid the United States is paying out to four countries that are known for harboring terrorists.

DML introduced the segment by saying, “In light of what’s taken place over the past few days, the chemical attack in Syria and the terror attack on Palm Sunday in Egypt, I asked Scarlett to look into how much money we’re giving countries with a history of harboring terrorists. The numbers are alarming.”

Fahkar went on to report the amount of money the U.S. is sending in foreign aid to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria. You can watch the video below for details.

In short, the four countries combined have received more than $8.5 billion dollars from the U.S. over the past four years. Fahkar ended her report by stating, “I guess money is growing on trees, DML.”

Political analyst Harlan Hill told DML he finds it troubling that we are sending money to the country that harbored Osama Bin Laden. “What are we getting in return for our investment? Terrorists,” said Hill.

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