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A Utah couple that failed to stop at a police checkpoint in Mexico were ordered to get out of their car and were fatally shot execution-style in front of their 12-year-old son, according to reports.

Paul Nielsen, 52, and Janeth Vázquez, 43, and their son, Kevin, were traveling from Acapulco to a beach resort when they were killed as they drove through Petatlan last Thursday at 3.30 a.m, according to local news outlets.

The article goes on to state the following:

Their son also was shot, but survived and suffered a nervous breakdown, the reports say. After he was released from a hospital, he was transported to the resort town of Zihuatanejo, where he gave law enforcement authorities an account of what happened.

When they reportedly failed to stop at the checkpoint, they were ordered to stop, get out of the car, and shot in the head at close range. The shooters then took their car and left.

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  1. It sounds as if someone who wanted to enter this country illegally did it since their car was taken. Poor child, what a thing to witness. I hope they catch those people.

  2. What is our government going to do about it and how do the deranged Democrats feel about this treatment compared with the way the INVADING ILLEGALS are treated here in this country? Yes, these people, including OUR OWN US citizens who continuously badmouth America, our president and our laws, need to go to Mexico or one of the countries from which we are getting so many scumbags so that they can better compare how they live in this country and how they would live in a country of their choice if they hate America. I am surprised that our Marine was was incarcerated and tortured for NINE months without a trial was not killed; I would have fully expected them to do exactly that because neither Mexico nor the countries whose scumbags we are getting worry too much about laws and procedures. This should serve as an OPEN INVITATION to all of the miscreants and malcontents in this country to GTFO of the US and go to these types of countries. How would the deranged here act if our law officers or law enforcers at the border shot and killed an invader who threatened him/her. They would insist on lynching and the US would be villainized 24/7 by every loudmouth in every network; Let’s see how many of our networks cover this and HOW they will cover it.

  3. This is uniquely a sad story but for me does illustrate how we should handle illegal border crossers at our own border. The immigration problem would be over in 30 days.

  4. i cant believe i just read this. if it werent for FB, i wouldnt get any news at all. this is a nightmare and trump needs to do something about this. why were they shot? sounds weird to me. this people werent a threat of any kind, plus they were unarmed. how is this poor kid going to get over this? afraid he is scarred for life. hope he has more family!

  5. Rule Number One. Never drive anywhere in Mexico at night. That crime was committed by the Army guys because they wanted the car. Mexico is dangerous anywhere outside the major hotels. Wake up.

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