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The guy who claims Dr. Phil badly injured him when his car allegedly plowed into him has some explaining to do … because we got the surveillance video and he didn’t seem hurt at all.

TMZ has obtained video of the October incident, which shows Dr. Phil trying to pass a van in front of him on the way out of the Universal Studios parking structure. You see him pull around the van … coming in contact with the skateboarder.

The article goes on to state the following:

The impact seems pretty mild — and the skateboarder was able to get up and shake Dr. Phil’s hand. As we previously reported, the skateboarder told Phil he was fine, but after a passerby called paramedics, he told the EMT’s he was injured.

Fox News further reports:

A man who previously claimed that he was injured when Dr. Phil hit him with his car might not have been entirely honest.

As E! News previously reported, the skateboarding man is named Terrence Bembury, who took to Instagram shortly after the accident in a series of photos that have since been deleted showing him in a hospital and alleging that he would have to miss two days of work because of his injuries. He claimed he would seek legal action against Dr. Phil claiming he experienced pain and injuries that didn’t manifest themselves until after the fact.

However, it seems clear from the video that it’s unlikely the accident had any real lasting impact on him given his demeanor immediately following.

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