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The Washington Post is soliciting help from the public to identify some of President Trump’s golf partners on dozens of outings since he entered office.

The Post issued a call Friday seeking tips to identify who might have golfed with Trump on 81 of the 111 days he is believed to have hit the links since becoming president.

The article goes on to state the following:

Only a few of Trump’s golf partners since he has become president are known, a list that includes foreign leaders such as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as well as GOP lawmakers, Fox News personalities and others.

The Post is asking readers to submit tips regarding specific days during Trump’s presidency when he is thought to have golfed with a partner, citing a need for transparency for those whom the president spends hours with in a private setting.

The newspaper cited Trump’s propensity to play in private settings away from cameras as a reason why identifying his partners has been so difficult.

“In part this is because Trump chooses to play on courses where he can keep outside observers from seeing what’s going on. That also means that it’s often hard to learn about his partners and, further, to confirm that he was joined on the course,” the article reads.

Trump frequently golfs with members of his exclusive clubs in Bedminster, N.J., and Miami, Fla., where his partners are often not released to the public.

The Post noted that a lawsuit last year forced the Trump administration to identify dozens of individuals who visited the club during a visit from Abe.

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  1. What the heck are they digging for now? Some secret conspiracy? This is getting sickening and the Washington Post has turned into a rag…..

  2. why was this not required of Obama or others, just ridiculous, the Washington Compost has slipped over to the other side

  3. Wow…with all the actual important sh!t going on in the world THIS is what the WP focuses on?

    What an absolute joke of a News (loosely regarded) Association…

  4. So President Trump isn’t allowed to have any private recreational time with personal friends? I don’t recall the press ever demanding this kind of scrutiny of Obama, even though in his case it was warranted! Look at all the corruption to which he was a party! It’s just another desperate attempt by the left to pin anything they can on Donald Trump, even if it’s fabricated! His golf partners are NOTB!

  5. What a crock. I support President Trump 100%. The press needs to play nice and maybe Trump will allow them some info. If I was him I would block them from everything since they only lie.

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