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The Washington Post editorial board called for the U.S. Senate to vote against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a move it has not made since 1987.

“Enough has been learned about his partisan instincts that we believe senators must vote ‘no,'” The Post editorial board wrote in a new piece published Thursday night.

“We do not say so lightly. We have not opposed a Supreme Court nominee, liberal or conservative, since Robert H. Bork in 1987.”

The editorial board went on to state its issues with Kavanaugh as a nominee, adding that one element of the saga over his potential confirmation has been forgotten among the sexual misconduct allegations he faces.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The reason not to vote for Mr. Kavanaugh is that senators have not been given sufficient information to consider him — and that he has given them ample evidence to believe he is unsuited for the job,” the board concludes. “The country deserves better.”

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  1. What a crock! They have had ample time. They have viewed more documents then any other nominee. And as far as I am concerned when he testified at the hearing for Ford he was not a Justice nominee, but a human being who has been dragged through the mud. Had he acted any differently he would have been called without feeling. And most importantly, if the truth that it was a Democrat hit job hurts, too frickin bad!

  2. The Washington Post is a typical democrat rag. Judge Kavanaugh was proven to be innocent. Ford is the proven liar. She was afraid to fly. Ex boyfriend of 6 years, said when they were in Hawaii they even took the little Island plane. He said they were together for six years, and she Never mentioned being groped in 1982.
    She said she had a second door put on for safety in 2012, when really the door was put on in 2008, to make a private entrance for a rental. She gave four names of people to vouch for her. None of them would, saying they knew nothing about.. Many more lies. Too many to mention. Rachel Mitchell who questioned her said that she was NOT CREDITABLE. She planned this scam in July with Feinstein. Lot of other proof to prove she lied.

  3. WaPo is one of the biggest purveyors of biased, anti-Trump, anti-conservative, hate filled drivel and they have the gall to try to tell the Senate that this man should be denied his position on the Supreme Court. They have no right to tell anyone how to vote especially based on the hatred that they’ve spewed in regards to Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

  4. So, from the day he left college not one instance of any drinking, drug problem or womanizing. Impossible. If he was a liberal, they would be celebrating his innocence and nomination and praising everyone for doing a good job to clear him.

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