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To hear White House counselor Kellyanne Conway tell it, she had a “great life” as a pollster and pundit before the Trump era. But it didn’t include the type of top campaign or White House position that many men who had similar careers easily slid into.

“It is Donald J. Trump that elevated me to campaign manager and counselor to the president, and women should look at that example,” she said. “He walks a lot of people’s talk.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“It is he who has been elevating women to positions of trust and power for years, first in New York real estate when many others would not, certainly in the Trump corporation, the Trump campaign, the Trump Cabinet and the Trump White House and the Trump administration,” she said at a media roundtable hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

“And I believe he doesn’t get enough credit for doing that,” she added.

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