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Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera said Friday that President Trump’s longtime former attorney Michael Cohen’s cooperation with federal investigators will lead to a probe into Trump’s business dealings.

“@MichaelCohen212 is soft underbelly of @realDonaldTrump,” Rivera tweeted on Friday. “We all have secrets-incl @POTUS- To have your secret keeper cooperating w a hostile govt agency-as Cohen is apparently doing-insures this scandal has legs & will pivot from porn stars & collusion to Trump’s business dealings.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Cohen, who worked as the top lawyer at the Trump Organization for several years, often referred to himself as Trump’s “fixer.”

An ally of Cohen’s said last month that Cohen is “willing to give”information on Trump and his business to investigators with special counsel Robert Mueller‘s office.

“He knows a lot of things about the president and he’s not averse to talking in the right situation,” the source told CNN. “If they want information on Trump, he’s willing to give it.”

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  1. He’s trying to save his own ass. It’s a shame when attempting to bring down a president that is succeeding in every aspect he promised and bringing America back is less important than one man’s compromised career.

  2. It just never ends, they won’t stop til they get him on something. Of course they are all law abiding citizens aren’t they, incluing Rivera. Disgusting.

  3. Cohen, will never practice in law again! Whatever he feels he can bring in the INVESTIGATION of Potus… concerns about Cohen’s legal ethical issues to “cover up” with other clients as well
    Reminiscent of Mob Attorneys
    I just don’t get why Cohen felt needs to tape/record his conversations without the knowledge of the person and reports make claims to be a number of recordings from other clients as well
    Sounds like Cohen…. had some blackmail propensities here, too

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