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The White House has vowed to “look into” a decision taken by Fox News to stop broadcasting Donald Trump’s rallies live and in full because they’re no longer bringing in high ratings. Politico reports viewing figures for Trump rallies have dropped and tend to be similar to, or even below, those for regular programming. The network only showed clips of his three rallies over the last week, rather than broadcasting the whole events uninterrupted. The report states White House figures are concerned Trump is losing control of a key platform ahead of the midterms. One senior White House official told Politico they were unsure why the network is cutting away from the rallies, saying officials planned “to look into that” and that they expect White House Communications Director Bill Shine, a former Fox News executive, to be in touch with his former colleagues about the move.

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  1. It is only fair for Fox to reduce its airtime for Trump’s “rallies” if their ratings are falling; that is how the media makes such deci$$ion$$! Despite Trump’s frequent praise of Fox News, it is not an arm of the White House; Fox is a bu$$ine$$, and the bottom line matter$$.

  2. I love watching President Trump’s rallies and was watching them on Fox till they kept cutting away and now I watch Right Side Broadcasting (RSBN) on You Tube on my Roku. They show everything from the people waiting to get in and interviewing them, the speakers before President Trump and of course President Trump and the WHOLE rally.

  3. It’s Fox’s loss…I will stop watching Fox period…I have been watching the rallies on RSBN where they pan the crowd and also interview the people…Fox can go to HADES !!

  4. The only reason I watch Fox is because of Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney,Hannity and Judge Jeannie and the coverage they give Trump ….guess I will have to stop watching Fox at all…I can watch Trump’s rallies at RSBN…..they pan the crowd plus interview the people that wait in line for his rally…

  5. I love watching the Trump rallies! They are a reminder of all good things taking place that MSM does not show. If Fox caves then I feel MSM has won. Please FOX news don’t stop coverage.

  6. Thank you for sharing, Gwen. I can not watch DML on fb, I get a virus warning every time. It is horrible. Right can not post anything either on fb, they punished me this is the 3rd time in y weeks. Unbelievable, hoping someone will bring an alternative fb social network soon. I am so fed up with fb censorship.

  7. Amazing how this is only happening before the midterms…seems Fox has become nothing more than a slightly higher version of the ho hum mud’ia…

  8. I don’t buy the theory that no one watches these rallies.
    I for one love them and many friends do as well.
    Very disappointed that they stopped airing entire rally.
    Fox needs to reinstate till midterms are over regardless of ratings.

  9. I don’t believe for a second that their ratings are dropping because of his rallies, I think they are drinking the libtard kool aid now, If anyone has seen his rallies and how humungus they are how could their ratings be dropping, he has at least 20,000 or more at all his rallies, this is going to piss off a lot of people! I have never seen a President before with that many people at their rallies as President Trump has and I have been on this earth 68 years and seen a lot of Presidents come and go and have watched lot of their rallies and none can compare to President Trumps huge rallies!

  10. I watch the rallies on OANN they show everything and never cut into the rally.
    I do believe FOX is lying about the ratings and is intentionally trying to deprive people of the chance to watch and be involved.
    The thing FOX and the others don’t realize, we the people still watch and don’t give anyone the control over our decisions.
    We just go elsewhere to watch!

  11. I do NOT believe that FOX’s rating is dropping! My Husband and I wondered “what’s going on?”
    Lately, WE decided to “limit” our time watching FOX News because of this!
    Just hoping FOX News change their decision and “cover Trump’s rallies again!

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