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American soybeans are the biggest target of China’s retaliatory tariffs, but that does not mean soybean farmers have turned against President Donald Trump. American Soybean Association Chair Ron Moore told CNBC Friday that he is not mad at the president over the trade war, even though he described the effects of Chinese tariffs on soybeans as devastating.

“Are you mad at the president?” CNBC’s Michelle Caruso Cabrera asked.

“No. Not really. Mostly rural America supported President Trump in the last election. And these trade tariff issues–the final outcome is yet to be determined,” Moore said.

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Moore said that soybean farmers “admire” the president for his efforts with respect to trade with China, but disagree with his use of tariffs.

According to the report, America’s biggest agricultural export to China is soybeans. In fact, soybean sales amounted to over $12 billion last year. Amid the trade dispute, the Chinese government has vowed to impose a 25 percent levy on shipments of U.S. agricultural goods.

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