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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the following information published by WKTV.COM:

Old Forge, N.Y. – Janis Budds has a 9 year old and a 7 year old who usually walk to the Town of Webb Union Free K-12 School on Route 28 in Old Forge, but on Friday they were driven to school instead, after she says she received an email from the school district on Thursday.

On Thursday, Town of Webb School Principal sent out the following email to parents : “The Town of Webb UFSD has been working with the Town of Webb PD regarding the situation in Johnsburg where a woman was approaching children and taking photos and videos of them recently around their school and in other areas of their community. We have now been made aware that her vehicle has been spotted in our community. It has not directly affected our daily operation, campus, or students but we wanted to make you aware of this. School security and TOW PD are vigilantly watching over school grounds. Please contact the police if you witness this individual engaged in any suspicious activity. Webb and Inlet police departments are both aware of her presence and will continue to be vigilant with patrols in the community.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Budds says she and other parents are just being cautious and she says when it comes your kids she says you can never be too cautious, “Everybody’s concerned. I mean some people might think that this might be mass hysteria and things like that, but I think you can never be too cautious.”

Town of Webb Police Chief Ronald Johnston says the woman, described as a middle-aged Asian woman, was spotted this past week taking video of children at a number of areas up in Warren County, an hour north of Old Forge, including near a school up in Johnsburg, which canceled all after school activities all of last week just to be safe.

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  1. My first thought — why was it a Asian women??? Did anyone take a picture of her. All kinds of terrible thoughts can go through your mind –when it comes to our childrens safety. Not working parents needs to get to gether and have one or two — different — and weeks to patrol and have a phone photo thing., so you can turn it into the cops.!!!

  2. What kind of car? What color? What was the licence #? Was she an old woman, young woman, tall, short, big small? Was she taking the pictures from her car or did she leave the car? What times of day was she spotted?

  3. There are some real creeps out there. We live in a nice quiet neighborhood and just a couple days ago we had one of the children come close to being taken. The man was in a nice looking SUV so it didn’t look out of place. If the mother hadn’t come out the door when she did her child would have been gone. Fortunately they caught the guy and he had picked up another child the day before in a small town just 10 miles from us. Tell your children and grandchildren, don’t go near ANYONE’S car. You don’t want to see their puppy nor have a cookie nor give directions, NOTHING. If someone asks them anything, say no and run as fast as you can to the nearest home and yell loud so everybody can hear you!!

  4. Wow! Someone taking pictures out in public! Nothing illegal there, but it does leave the question of why. So, whoever first spotted her should have made a video of her and her car and approached her afterward to ask why she was doing that. You can’t stop criminals from crimes based upon what you think they might do, but you can be prepared and knowledgeable about who they are just in case. Don’t let craziness drive you into a witch hunt. Maybe the woman has a child in that school. Stopping activities is nuts just because someone is out in public taking pictures – this is the kind of action that steals peoples freedom and promotes the crazy democrat mentality of trying to prevent things that are not preventable.

    • Exactly. Its not a crime for every little thing people do. You are allowed to take pics for a lot of reasons. The crazy liberals have made people paranoid.

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