Reporters Get In Showdown Before Debate



While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were preparing to debate one another in their first presidential debate Monday night, another showdown was taking place outside – among the media – all over Mark Cuban.

A video has surfaced of a very unprofessional moment when Al Jazeera reporter Kimberly Halkett cursed out a woman behind her, just because she failed to get an interview with Cuban.

Washington Post reporter Dalton Bennett posted the video, along with the comment, “Scrum pleasantries. The show hasn’t even started but things are off to a great start.”

Reportedly, the whole media herd thought an interview with billionaire Mark Cuban (who Hillary Clinton had invited to sit on the front row) was just what they needed, and they all took off after him, but he got away, apparently without giving anyone an interview.

However, it wasn’t the people in front of her who Halkett vented her rage on – it was the woman behind her.   A man told Halkett, “Ma’am, stop pushing,” and she said, “This woman just pushed me,” then turned around and yelled to the woman behind her, “Thanks a lot, b****.”

The other woman has not been identified, according to Daily Mail.

Buzzfeed stated they called Halkett Monday night after the debate, asking for a comment, but the reporter said she was too busy to speak to them.

Video below – click x in lower right-hand corner to turn sound on.   Warning – bad language ahead.


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