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Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump gave the press the opportunity to witness and record his bipartisan meeting with lawmakers on DACA and immigration reform, earning him high marks from members of the media.

Some members of the media openly praised the president for allowing the media in the meeting. According to the Washington Examiner, the press was assembled for what was supposed to be a pool spray before the official meeting got under way.

Instead of sending them away, the press was allowed to remain for the 55-minute discussion between Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

Twitter users with media connections were quick to show support for the move, showing the president rare support. Examples can be seen below.

While some journalists said no other president has ever invited members of the press to watch negotiations before, Dan Pfeiffer, a former adviser to former President Barack Obama, said  it had.

“Obama did this with the House GOP conference in 2010 on health care on live TV. He would have done it every year, but the GOP refused to let cameras back in ever again,” Dan Pfeiffer claimed in a tweet.

That didn’t prevent others from showing appreciation for the move, as seen in the tweets below.


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