The Miami Herald is reporting that a heroic football coach may have stepped in front of bullets being fired at students during the fatal Florida high school shooting Wednesday.

From the Miami Herald: When a shooter opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County on Wednesday afternoon, reports emerged — persistent but unconfirmed by authorities as of early evening — of a football coach and security guard jumping in front of students to protect them from the shooter.

Coach Aaron Feis was initially said to be dead, eliciting tributes on social media. Subsequent posts said he was wounded but had survived the shooting.

The report continues: Feis has worked as a security guard at the school for at least eight years and takes his role protecting students very seriously, said Andrew Hofmann, a former student at the school who recently coached the swimming and water polo teams.

“He’s very well dedicated to the safety of the school during the daytime,” Hofmann said.

Hofmann described the coach as “a quiet person” with a good sense of humor. “When there’s a funny joke he is always laughing for sure,” he said.

To follow is an Instagram post in which the user claims that Feis was injured and is in critical condition, following the shooting incident.