Reports of hearing shots fired at the Highline College in Des Moines, Washington Friday morning about 9:00 am local time caused the college to announce a lockdown and told students to close doors and windows and shelter in place.

Many students were posting on Twitter, with one writing, “I’m hiding under a desk at Highline College. This is just another reminder that our lives could end at any given second, and America isn’t doing anything about it. If I die, I love you Mom.”

Another student tweeted, “Inside a room baracated me and 12 others in we are ok heard 5 gun shots near me when we where going to other classes we are ok and calm.”

However, after about an hour into the incident, with police responding, so far, official reports are that no shooter has been found and no injuries have been reported.

“Renton Police are assisting with the situation at Highline College. Right now, they say they have nothing confirmed… and we have received NO REPORTS of injuries at this time,” one reporter tweeted.

This is a developing story.