PONTIAC, MICHIGAN — Patty is a conservative.  She signed on to be a poll challenger in Pontiac, Michigan during the 2012 election.  Pontiac is a Democrat-heavy city.

Patty shared with Dennis Michael Lynch the voter fraud she experienced.  The stories she tells are almost unbelievable.  For example, one woman was asked for ID.  She showed her prescription pill bottle as ID and it was accepted.

Patty reported the fraud to the Republican Party.  A lawyer from the GOP arrived to the polling location but unfortunately, he and the Republican Party did nothing to stop the fraud, nor did they do anything to help Patty who was being threatened physically.  

On Tuesday, President Obama criticized Donald Trump about his concerns over widespread voter fraud.  The president said, “There is no voter fraud.  Lets not forget that elections are managed by the state and local officials. Therefore, for Trump to say he can possibly lose a state like Florida, which has a Republican governor who oversees the elections, is irresponsible.” Someone needs to tell Mr. Obama that Michigan has a Republican governor, and it didn’t help one bit.

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