Restaurant Bans All Law Enforcement Officers

A Washington state restaurant has announced that law enforcement officers are no longer welcome to dine there, and they asked the local sheriff’s department to spread the word.

Thursday afternoon, July 14, four Skagit County Sheriff’s deputies had just finished their meal at Lucky Teriyaki restaurant in Sedro-Woolley, when the owner informed them that they were not welcome to eat there anymore, as other customers “didn’t like law enforcement there.”  The owner told them to spread the word to all law enforcement that they are no longer welcome either. 

Sheriff Will Reichardt posted the shocking encounter on the Sheriff Department’s Facebook page, saying the incident has left him speechless.   Especially after a recent “United We Stand by our Law Enforcement” event.  He said his chief deputy spoke to the owner to confirm it, as he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Sheriff Reichardt said, “I understand a business owner has a right to refuse service if he wants to… I also understand that as customers we all have the right to find some other restaurant to take our lunch break in.”

A Facebook page for the restaurant indicates the word has already spread, and most customers are not happy with the decision.

KOMO News posted that the owner now says it was all a misunderstanding, due to a language barrier, and law enforcement are invited to eat there for free on Monday.

In response, the Sheriff’s office said there was definitely no language barrier. The owner made it clear they were not welcome.



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