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The competitiveness of cheerleading went to a whole new extreme following a viral video of rival cheerleaders violently brawling inside a Brooklyn high school.

The brawl involved punching, kicking, hair pulling and tackling. During the video, a security guard attempts to intervene, but the situation becomes too out of control. (See video below.)

New York Daily News reported the following:

“Several teens in a disbanded cheer squad took their fighting spirit to a new level when they flipped out and attacked rival cheerleaders inside a Brooklyn high school.

The wild brawl, captured on cell phone video and posted on social media, exploded into a fist-flying, hair-pulling melee that quickly overwhelmed school security and continued for several minutes before staff members were able to shut it down.

An overmatched security officer at the Canarsie school can be seen flailing about in the video shot Dec. 18, trying in vain to contain the spiraling madness as several teenage girls punched, kicked and yanked the hair of two unsuspecting former squad members.

As a security guard busted up one fight, another one broke out behind her. It happened again and again until other staff arrived and the students dispersed.”


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