RNC Rules Committee Squashes The “Never Trump” Movement

The “NeverTrump” movement, headed up by Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh, was just handed a firm defeat Thursday by the Republican National Convention rules committee.

Unruh had presented a proposal to unbind the candidates and let everyone “cast a vote of conscience.    Her focus was to pull enough delegates away from Trump to prevent him from receiving the nomination, then have the delegates nominate a different candidate – anyone other than Trump.  

The 112 members of the rules committee soundly rejected the proposal, with “delegates arguing that it would be unthinkable for the party to abandon Trump after he overwhelmingly won GOP primaries and caucuses and garnered more than 13 million votes,” reported FOX News.

Unruh thought she could at least sway 28 delegates over to her side, which would then force a vote on the convention floor.   No luck – she got 21.

“You want to ignore what is really the grassroots, which is millions and millions and millions of voters who voted for Donald Trump,” said Stephen Munisteri, a delegate and leading GOP figure from Texas.

He added, “The only way to advance the conservative cause is through a strong Republican Party that is united to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Democrats this fall.”

Just to avoid any loopholes, the rules committee added a clause that says the party rules bind delegates to their candidate.

The “NeverTrump” leader never accepts defeat – Unruh said she and her group are now planning to contest balloting at the convention over this.

However, the majority of delegates have just made it clear they are already voting with their conscience – they’re standing behind the candidate the American people selected.



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