Robot Staff Cheaper Than Minimum Wage Workers

Minimum Wage Increase 7

Fast food jobs are not the only ones threatened by coming robots.

While fast food worker protestors push for a $15 per hour minimum wage, robots will soon be taking their jobs, warns former McDonald’s CEO, Ed Rensi.

Robot 1 robot-serves-dishes-up-to-8-hour-a-day-in-a-restaurant-in-Shenyang

“I was at the National Restaurant Show yesterday and if you look at the robotic devices that are coming into the restaurant industry, it’s cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who’s inefficient making $15 an hour bagging French fries.

“It’s nonsense and it’s very destructive and it’s inflationary and it’s going to cause a job loss across this country like you’re not going to believe.  It’s not just going to be in the fast food business.”

He said if the fast food industry can’t get people at a reasonable wage, they WILL get machines to do the work.

Robot 3 Robots-deliver-food

Robots are popping up to do jobs in many industries.   They will even deliver food in a hospital.

Job losses are imminent as robots surge in every industry.  Robots are able to produce better results than humans, says a report from the London Business School.   One professor says that a third of jobs in Europe will be replaced by technology over the next two decades.

Professor Gratton of the London Business School said: “As middle-skilled roles disappear, workers may find that the ‘rung’ above them no longer exists, and that the career ladder may begin to look more like a career web.



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