Ruling Of Ohio Judge Allows Transgender Student In Girls’ Bathroom


On Monday a federal judge in Ohio ruled in favor of Obama’s transgender bathroom order, saying that the biologically male student who identifies as female be treated “like the girl she is.”

Judge Algenon Marbley said the Highland Local Schools in Morrow County had failed to provide a persuasive argument to suggest other students’ safety or privacy would be jeopardized by this student accessing the girls’ restroom.

He wrote that there’s “certainly no evidence” the student, is likely to violate other students’ privacy or put their safety at risk when using the girls’ restroom, he wrote.

“(S)chool districts that have encountered these very issues have been able to integrate transgender students fully into the academic and social community without disruption, and certainly without the doomsday scenarios Highland predicts, such as sexual predators entering an elementary-school restroom,” he wrote.

Joseph Weissman, who is an attorney for the student, said in a statement that the court has taken an important step in protecting the student’s rights.

“Every student has a right to be free from discrimination and harassment while at school, and we are pleased the Court has taken this important step in protecting Jane Doe’s rights,” Weissman said.

The school district’s legal team will be appealing the judge’s ruling.

“Schools have a duty to protect the privacy, safety, and dignity of all students, but the judge’s order today doesn’t allow the Highland Local School District to do that,” said Doug Wardlow, legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom.

Wardlow said by allowing boys in girls’ restrooms, the privacy and rights of all the girls who are concerned is completely disregarded.


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