Written by DML
Die hard Rush fans will say the conservative radio star was simply making a point when he said he would grant full citizenship to all the illegal aliens in the U.S.  Sunday.

He made the comments during an appearance on Fox News. However, I would push back by saying he appeared pretty serious to me, at least with his first of his two proposed deals.

DEAL ONE: He confirmed to host Chris Wallace that he was willing to give full citizenship to millions of Dreamers in exchange for the border wall to be fully funded.

DEAL TWO: He said he was willing to take things a step further and grant full amnesty to all of the illegal aliens in the U.S., for as long as they would not be able to vote for 15 to 25 years. (see video below).

He went on to say that the second deal would never be agreed to by the Democrats because all they care about are the votes.

Assuming Rush was being sarcastic with his second deal, meaning, he was trying to smoke out the Democrats, I totally get it.  (I will discuss this more during my daily live streaming program Monday, The Truth at 11am Facebook.com/DMLdaily).  

But if he wasn’t being sarcastic — if he is really willing to give that sort of deal — then there is no hope for conservatives.  When the number one guy in radio goes soft on immigration, the game is over.

There is more to amnesty than the votes which will favor Democrats for generations.  There is the national security threat, and the impact of jobs and wages.  It would negatively affect welfare programs, schools, crime, healthcare, and the cultural damage to towns across the nation is immeasurable.

Going back to his first deal which addresses the Dreamers, I was sickened by watching him confirm his position to Wallace.  At the same time, it solved a big mystery of late.  Rush reaches a lot of people on the radio each day, and so I am led to believe he’s pushed the ‘amnesty idea’ into the heads of his listeners.  Now I know so many conservatives have gone soft on amnesty this year.

It’s sort of depressing.  We won the presidency and both chambers of Congress based on voters embracing the hawkish positions Trump was touting during the campaign season.  Now, one year later, the president, most members of Congress, and the two top radio show hosts in the country — Limbaugh and Hannity — are pushing for Dreamers to get citizenship in exchange for a wall that can later be taken down, and that’s assuming it’s built.  Not to mention, a wall does nothing to solve the visa overstay issue which accounts for more than 50% of the illegal immigration issue.

The country is completely upside down.