Russian bank comes forward with statement on Trump connections


A series of computer hacking events caused Alfa Bank in Russia to seek the help of U.S. law enforcement authorities in tracking down those who were intent on making it look as though they were working with the Trump Organization when they weren’t.

According to a Bloomberg report on Friday, the bank’s computers have experienced three attempted domain name server (DNS) attacks since mid-February in which “unidentified individuals made DNS requests to a Trump Organization server disguised to look as if they came from Alfa Bank, prompting responses from the Trump server back to the lender.”

Individuals using U.S. servers hosted by Google and Amazon reportedly made the attacks.

It their efforts to track down the cyber criminals, Alfa Bank is fully cooperating with U.S. law enforcement agencies and has also hired a U.S. cyber forensics firm to investigate the matter separately.

According to a statement from Alfa Bank, “The cyberattacks are an attempt by unknown parties to manufacture the illusion of contact between Alfa Bank’s DNS servers and Trump servers. We have gone to the U.S. Justice Department and offered our complete cooperation to get to the bottom of this sham and fraud.”

A few days after the attacks, mainstream media outlets in the U.S. began running speculative stories that there may have been a private communication channel between the Trump organization and the Russian lender.

“Falsifying communications is common in Russia’s corporate wars,” according to Ilya Sachkov, chief executive officer of Group-IB, Russia’s top cyber-forensics company, who explained that a company will hire hackers to ’emulate’ communication between two companies before bringing the falsified evidence before a judge, he said, noting that even though the deception is easily uncovered, the damage is already done.

According to Alfa Bank founders Mikhail Friedman and Petr Aven, there has never been any contact between the bank and President Trump or his organizations.

H/T: Bloomberg


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