Russian Missile Destroys U.S. Made Tank (Video)

A video posted to YouTube shows ISIS fire a Russian missile at the back of an American made M1 Abrams tank, causing it to explode and immediately burst into flames.

Dan Goure, a security analyst and vice president of The Lexington Institute says this video proves how urgent it is for the United States to make necessary upgrades to the military equipment we are using.

“A YouTube video of an M-1 tank being destroyed by an ISIS-fired anti-tank guided missile makes an irrefutable case for the U.S. Army acquiring active protection systems (APS) now,” said Goure.

“The Army says all the right things about wanting APS, but its current program does not reflect the urgency of the requirement. Congress needs to push the Army to deploy an existing system as soon as possible.”

An $87,500 Kornet anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) effortlessly exploding a $5 million American tank should be seen as a wake-up call for those wanting to scale back U.S. military spending in a time where the world continues to become increasingly hostile.

A video of the tank explosion can be seen below:

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