Russian Teens Livestream Shootout With Police Before Killing Themselves


Two disturbed Russian teenagers claimed they were “going out in style” after shooting the girls mother in the leg and filming themselves in a shootout with police, before finally taking their own lives.

The teens, both 15 years old, were identified as a boy Denis Muravyov, and his girlfriend, Katya.   Reportedly, the trouble started when the girl’s mother objected to a sleepover, and Denis shot the mother in the leg.

Then the two holed up in the house for three days, saying they were afraid they would face years in jail if they surrendered.   They had been dating for about six months, Daily Mail reported.

On a live-stream video, Katya said, “We have zero options.” Denis added, “If we don’t surrender, we die. But if we surrender, we will never see each other again.”

Police went to the house in the village of Krasniye Strugi in response to a call about a missing teenager, only to come under gunfire themselves.   The teens posted video showing Denis firing a rifle from the window of the house at the police van.

Katya said in a Periscope video that they had access to guns and ammunition in the home “because her stepfather is in the special forces.”

The teens smoked, drank and answered classmates’ messages in the final hours of livestream video.

Finally, after hours of negotiating failed, police stormed the house using stun grenades and found both teens dead.


At one point during the standoff with police, the duo tossed the television out the window – making sure to film that too.


In one video, Denis holds a picture of a man shaking hands with Vladimir Putin. He said the Russian President is ‘OK’, but said the man with him should be killed.

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