SAME TWEET – Liberal Gets a Pass, Conservative Writer Gets Suspended

“Ghostbusters” actress Leslie Jones tweeted out a Twitter message on March 8, 2015 that read: “you and your friends are bigots. If you don’t like me why the f*** do you watch let alone contact me. Kill yourself bigot.”

The tweet was never removed, and Jones was never banned from social media.

Conservative writer for Campus Reform, Kassy Dillon, decided she would try it just to see what happened.   Dillon tweeted out the exact same message to Leslie Jones – sending Jones’ own words right back to her.

Twitter took action, promptly suspending Dillon for her tweet. 

Other Twitter users found out about it and started the hashtag “Free Kassy”.  Eventually Twitter relented and allowed Dillon back on.  Dillon said she deleted her tweet after some people didn’t realize it was just an experiment.


Just days earlier, Twitter permanently suspended Milo Yiannopoulos for tweets he sent to Jones.

Jones announced on July 19th that she was leaving Twitter over the “hate” she had received, but later relented and now says she’s just going to ignore all the hateful people.

Jones’ original – very hateful – tweet telling someone to kill themselves is still up on her account.




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