Santa, Can You Bring My Daddy Home?


A military father who has been stationed in South Korea for more than seven months gave his two young daughters a Christmas surprise they will never forget…, with a little help from Santa Claus!

Jacob Ross surprised his two daughters in Nebraska last week, just seconds after one of them asked Santa for a Christmas miracle.


Rylinn Ross, 5, and her sister Aurora Ross, 6, were sitting on Santa’s lap at Platte River Mall in North Platte, Nebraska, when Rylinn asked for a single Christmas wish. Rylinn wanted her dad to be able to come home.

The girls were preparing to have their photo taken with Santa when he asked what they’d like for Christmas. The moment Rylinn spoke the words, “Can you bring my daddy home?” the little girls spotted their father coming out from behind Santa’s parked sleigh. Imagine the girls’ surprise when Santa was able to grant Rylinn’s wish on the spot.

The touching reunion was recorded on camera by Her View From Home.

The girls, who haven’t seen their dad in over seven months, immediately ran over to him and collapsed in his arms. Santa was seen wiping tears away from his eyes as the plot unfolded and the family embraced.


Jacob Ross serves as an air force staff sergeant in South Korea and his deployment is not due to finish until May 2017. When he was granted a 28-day leave to come home for Christmas, he and his wife Alleasha came up with the plan to surprise their daughters, who are certain to never forget such a gift.

H/T: Daily Mail


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