Satanic Temple pushing for no “spanking” in schools

TEXAS — The Satanic Temple has begun campaigning to outlaw corporal punishment from American schools.  While corporal punishment is legal in Texas with parental consent, the policy allows a school administrator of the opposite sex to carry out the punishment for as long as an administrator of the same sex supervises.

In Springtown, Texas, the Satanic Temple released a billboard to advocate their “Protect Children Project.” The billboard caption reads: “Never be hit in school again. Exercise your religious rights.”

In 2012, Springtown notoriously made headlines when a male vice principal spanked two female students, aged 15 and 16. The girls were covered in “welts, blisters, and bruises” according to the victims’ parents.

One day after being displayed, the billboard was vandalized and torn down by some locals who disapproved of the Temple’s message. Regardless, Satanic Temple officials plan to reinstate the billboard’s content.

In fact, the Temple is requesting donations to create more billboards in states that permit corporal punishment, such as Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi.


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