Saturday Night Live Runs with the Trump Tapes


Saturday Night Live opened its show on Saturday with a spoof on the Trump video from 2005 in which he made lewd remarks about women. Trump has since apologized for the comments but the aftermath has been a barrage of headlines that will not go away.

In addition to numerous Republican lawmakers calling for Trump to drop out of the race and hand over the nomination to Gov. Mike Pence, the liberal media is intensifying it’s assault on Trump. For example, CNN released a series of audio recordings from years ago when Trump made many appearances on Howard Stern’s radio show. The conversations were racy, they included talk about sex and women’s body parts including those of Trump’s daughter, Ivanka. You can listen to the audio files by clicking here.

The SNL parody includes Donald Trump (played by Alec Baldwin) being interviewed by CNN about his video from 2005.


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