SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Struggles to Find Humor in Trump Victory


Saturday Night Live enjoyed a 4-week run of poking fun at Donald Trump and his “zero” chance of winning the election.  Liberal actor and Trump hater, Alec Baldwin, received a wave of praise from his Hollywood friends who claimed his portrayal of the billionaire real estate mogul was “spot on.”

For weeks, SNL produced skits that mocked the presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Trying to do its part to influence the outcome of the election, SNL writers made it so each skit went overboard in abusing the GOP nominee and continuously pushed the narrative of “Trump doesn’t stand a chance.”  SNL, like all of the liberal media, got it all wrong.

LAST NIGHT — Instead of inviting Baldwin back on to play Trump one last time — perhaps in a skit where the President-elect gets to say “Lets make America great again” — Baldwin was nowhere to be found.  Instead, SNL did a skit that labels Trump supporters as racists.   (see video below)

The show opened in an unusual manner. Instead of launching with a comedy routine, the show started with a somber song played and sung by Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon performs the late Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”)  By the time she was finished, a very emotional McKinnon looked into the camera and said, “I’m not giving up and neither should you.”

Later in the show, SNL did a skit reflecting a “watch party” held by a group of Democrats who couldn’t believe the election results.  Each member of the watch party took a turn ripping apart the American voters who supported Trump.  The liberal writers at SNL saw to it that the skit was filled with racist-driven rhetoric.  Both clips can be viewed here:


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