After FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony in a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Tuesday, support is quickly unraveling for Chief of Staff John Kelly, over the exploding scandal involving recently fired aid Rob Porter.

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who Kelly fired last summer after he was on the job a mere 10 days, has blasted out multiple statements on Twitter, calling for Kelly’s resignation.

Kelly is facing growing criticism for keeping Porter on the staff when allegations of abuse against him were reportedly known much sooner than the White House had claimed.

“Based on FBI testimony, WH Chief of Staff John Kelly almost certainly knew about credible allegations of domestic abuse against Rob Porter at least 6 months ago – then recently forced others to lie about that timeline. Inexcusable. Kelly must resign,” Scaramucci tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

In another tweet, he wrote, “Domestic abuse is a red line. Covering up for it is indefensible. If speaking out against that makes me look petty, then so be it. This has nothing to do with my exit from WH. I trust the FBI Director in this matter, and so should you. We’ll know the full truth soon enough.”

Scaramucci responded to another statement from Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol, who tweeted, “Do any of Trump’s “allies” have the nerve to tell him what they should? That this isn’t a matter of political tactics but of human decency; and the president of the United States and his top aides should stop making excuses and unequivocally denounce abuse and punish abusers.”

“I do. Enough is enough. Real leadership is required here,” Scaramucci responded.