School Board Bans Books That Don’t Sell Climate Change Narrative

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All books and materials that indicate any doubt, or use words like “might”, “could”, or “may” are all GONE from this school.

The Portland, Oregon school board has unanimously approved a resolution to remove any and all materials from the school that could cast doubt on climate change, or would question the belief that humans are responsible for it. The resolution states:

“The implementation plan should include a review of current textbooks for accuracy around the severity of the climate crisis and the impact of human activities. PPS will abandon the use of any adopted text material that is found to express doubt about the severity of the climate crisis or its root in human activities.”

In this video of the vote, Bill Bigelow, former teacher, is seen testifying in favor of the measure.

He gives examples of why certain books aren’t “acceptable” anymore:

“A science text used in district schools is called ‘Physical Science: Concepts in Action’, it’s published by Pearson. Its few paragraphs on climate change are littered with doubt.”

“The text is thick with this skeptical language of ‘might’ and ‘could’ and ‘may,’” Bigelow continued.

“Physical Science actually tells students – and I quote, ‘Carbon dioxide emissions from motor vehicles, power plants and other sources, may contribute to global warming.’ This is a section that could be written by the Exxon public relations department.”

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