School District Bans Clown Costumes For Halloween


All across the country reports are emerging of individuals dressed as clowns harassing and scaring people.

Clown sightings have been reported in 28 states so far, and this fear has caused one Connecticut school district to ban kids from dressing in this costume as Halloween comes closer.

Fox 61 reported Monday that New Haven Public Schools will prohibit clown costumes and “any symbols of terror” as Halloween approaches.

New Haven school officials released the following statement:

At this time there is no indication this incident poses any real or substantial threat to New Haven Public Schools or Students. We do however take these incidents very seriously; In light of this incident, we will continue to monitor the situation throughout the week and take all necessary precautions to ensure student and staff safety in all our schools.

Until additional information is available, New Haven Public Schools Director of Security Thaddeus Reddish asks that principals and building leaders prohibit clown costumes and any symbols of terror during this Halloween season. To ensure student safety, parents are encouraged to assist in ensuring students refrain from these costumes this season.

The action of the school district is in response to authorities investigating an Instagram account that posted clown photos along with threatening messages.

The station reported that police were trying to determine the authenticity of the account but ther is no indication of any substantial threat.

Police were also investigating a similar Instagram account in Naugatuck. According to Fox 61, police said they didn’t believe the threats were credible, but were still conducting an investigation.

Quinnipiac University also received a scare Monday on night after rumors spread that an armed man in a clown costume was seen on campus. The university responded to the rumor on Twitter.


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