School fires longtime employee for helping out kids

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Debbie Solsman has been working as a lunch lady for fourteen years at Denver Place Elementary School in Wilmington, Ohio.

However, her career was terminated in February after the Wilmington City School District fired Solsman for helping students who couldn’t afford a school lunch. According to reports, if a student couldn’t pay for food, Solsman would cover the cost out of her own pocket or would write IOUs to eventually pay off with her next paycheck.

She would also buy students food even after they’d already eaten lunch.

“I sometimes would buy them an extra slice of pizza,” Solsman told reporters, “because I did feel them out, ask them what they had for supper the night before. Sometimes they would tell me ‘Nothing.’”

“I do admit to wrongdoing. I broke the rules,” Solsman confided. “I fed children — and my grandchildren — out of my own pocket.”

The school’s official statement on firing Solsman was that she failed “to account for food sales at [her] cashier job in the cafeteria and for providing food without payment to [her] grandchildren.”

Superintendent Ron Sexton also added that people will try “to make the district out as heartless to kids’ needs. We care a great deal about our employees, … we care a great deal about the students.”

“Firing her over feeding kids, that’s a no go,” said Serenity Mitchell, a school parent. “And, our community is going to come together.”

“I miss [the kids] terribly,” Solsman said, as she sobbed and described the firing as a “harsh punishment.”

“I love them very much.”

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