School Must Provide Gender-Segregated Muslim Prayer Room

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The investigation into the mayhem caused by the Syrian refugees in the public school system continues.

A Canadian news outlet, The Rebel, has received over 2,700 documents from a New Brunswick school detailing the behavior issues and disruptions to their school that the influx of refugee students has caused… especially due to the fact that some of these “students” are actually adult men, up to 20 and 22 years old.

Today’s report reveals that teachers are having to set up prayer rooms in the schools for the new students.  Since the boys and girls are not supposed to be able to see each other when they pray, the prayer room must be divided with a curtain, to ensure their privacy.

If you missed our premier segment for Videos 1 and 2 of this story, CLICK HERE:  Adult Syrian Refugees In High School Harassing Girls





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