School Not Admitting Illegal Aliens Over 16

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At least some schools are daring to challenge federal mandate that says they cannot deny illegal aliens a free education.

A 16-year-old male who came to the U.S. illegally from Guatemala has been denied admittance into the Memphis public school system.   He says he came to earn a U.S. high school education and wants to become a teacher.  The school has refused to admit him because he lacks a transcript and would be too old to graduate on time, according to the Associated Press.  

The school referred the illegal youth to an adult school that offers English classes, where he could eventually obtain his GED, but the state of Tennessee closed that program also, as few students were graduating.

Candelario Jimon Alonzo, 16, illegal from Guatemala

Candelario Jimon Alonzo, 16, illegal from Guatemala

The A.P. reports that at least 35 school districts in 14 states have balked at enrolling the illegal minors from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

These three countries make up the bulk of all “unaccompanied children” who are flooding across the border illegally.   Public school are expected to absorb them, and all the costs that come with it.   In addition, the schools are expected to provide “appropriate language assistance services”.

Over 51,000 illegal minors poured into the United States in 2014 in an unprecedented surge.  In the five months from October 2015 through February 2016, the number of new illegal minors was already over 18,000.
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