School Scrambles To Keep Illegal Alien Students

A California school superintendent is going door to door in an effort to make sure illegal alien children stay in school.

In the South Bay school district the fear of Trump’s promise to deport illegals is rising.  The school district, which reportedly receives $10,000 per year per student in governent funding, has noticed that some students are staying at home. 

While many of the students in the Alum Rock School District are U.S. citizens, some of their parents are undocumented immigrants.  It’s the fear of being discovered and deported that is causing some families to keep their kids at home.  The district has not provided actual data on the number of families doing this.  District superintendent Hilaria Bauer is now making home visits in an attempt to put families at ease.

On Nov. 9, school counselors at Lee Matthson Middle School said a student shared a story on these fears.  District Superintendent Hilaria Bauer said the student told counselors, “My parents are packing. We’re leaving.”

“So their lives from one moment to the next changed,” Bauer said.

Superintendent Bauer believes the fear of deportation is widespread.  She has been unable to get parents to attend immigration workshops at the school campuses, so she has decided to go to them directly.  She plans do do this over the holidays, in an effort to assure them the schools are “safe places.”

“These visits are not going to be broadcast,” Bauer said.  “This is a confidential, personal matter.”

Although the school district receives government funds in the amount of $10,000 per year per student, Bauer claims it’s not about money. It’s about keeping kids in school, learning and feeling safe, she said.

H/T:  NBC Bay Area


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