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After Democratic senators rejected the spending proposal Friday night because it didn’t include a deal on DACA , a government shutdown began at midnight.

Earlier Friday, the Trump administration started calling the looming shutdown the “Schumer shutdown.” Friday night, Schumer delivered a scathing speech against President Trump, calling it the “Trump shutdown.”

Saturday, Schumer renewed his attack on Republicans and Trump specifically, again labeling it the “Trump shutdown,” and declared that “Negotiating with this White House is like negotiating with jello. It’s next to impossible.”

He also called illegal alien children “young Americans who were brought here as children,” and slammed Republicans for not “protecting” them.

Republicans are reportedly vowing not to bend on the DACA issue, pointing out that DACA doesn’t expire until March 5, and more time is needed to work out immigration reform. Republicans have said the spending bill should be passed, THEN they will work on immigration reform.

Schumer met with Trump Friday over lunch, and declared in a press conference Saturday, “The lunch that seemed so promising was quickly overtaken by hard-right forces in the administration, even though we bent over backwards to meet the president’s demands.”

“It’s next to impossible to strike a deal with the president, because he can’t stick to the terms,” Schumer declared.

The Republicans had included a six-year extension on the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which the Democrats wanted. That still wasn’t enough – the Democrats wanted protection for illegal aliens, and Schumer then accused the Republicans of “pitting groups of children against each other.”

Schumer claimed that “we can protect our southern border and protect young Americans who were brought here as children. We can pass children’s health insurance. And I’ve never seen something so cynical as Republicans pitting groups of children against each other. They hold up CHIP to hold other children – the DACA kids – hostage. That’s a disgrace. That’s not what America wants.”

Schumer’s press conference was similar to another scathing speech he gave on the Senate floor Saturday morning, in which he blamed the president for the shutdown.

Schumer also tweeted out an old video montage of Trump’s remarks in 2013, in which he laid the blame on Obama for a government shutdown.  Because Trump is now the president, Schumer indicated he should take the blame for this one.



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