Security Dangers at Canadian Border Overlooked

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New York news anchorman gets exclusive tour of Canadian border this week and discovers it’s worse than he realized.

Barely ever mentioned, the US Border Patrol at the Canadian Border is under-staffed and deeply concerned about high potential for terrorism threats, says Maurice DuBois of CBS New York, after he went up for an interview and tour with the Border Patrol. 

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Border Patrol: “Up here we’re encountering people from every single country. They’re coming across on snowmobiles. They’re coming across on ATVs. Of course, we have 95 miles of water boundaries, so people come across on boat, canoes, anything you can think of.”[/pullquote]

A split rail fence is all that separates the two countries for miles at a time.   Anyone can cross the border.

Border patrol agents see alien smuggling, narcotic smuggling and currency smuggling, but what they’re most concerned about is stopping the terrorists.

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Canada’s “open-door” policy toward Syrian refugees is also of concern.   “There are radicalized groups that are in Canada — that is a tremendous concern to us,” one border patrol official said regarding terrorism threats.

Agents are relying heavily on people who live along the border to report any suspicious activity.



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