Security dog shot and killed at airport


New Zealand — An airport security dog in was shot and killed after running away from its handler at Auckland Airport.

Airport officials claim shooting the 10-month-old bearded collie was the last resort as officials had tried to recapture it for several hours.

The dog, who went by the name Grizzly, was in the final stages of being trained to detect explosives by New Zealand Aviation Security Service (Avsec), according to Fox News.

Radio New Zealand said “Grizz” had slipped through a security gate and that airport staff spent several hours trying to get him away from the tarmac.

“All efforts to capture the dog were exhausted and the airport company had no option but to request police to shoot the dog,” Avsec spokesman Mike Richards said, according to

Grizz had disrupted 16 flights during the incident, according to FOX.

“The handler and Avsec are, naturally, upset but do understand there were no other options,” said Richards. “The dog was not on the tarmac at the time.”

An airport spokeswoman, Lisa Mulitalo told the Sydney Morning Herald it was “not the outcome anyone wanted. They did everything they could, but, unfortunately, the dog had to be shot.”

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