See How Tennessee is Discouraging Gun-Free Zones

This Friday Tennessee’s Senate Bill 1736 will be put into action, and may help eliminate many “Gun-Free Zones” in the state.

As of July 1, if a concealed carry permit holder in Tennessee is injured, suffers bodily injury or death on a property posted as a gun-free zone, they can sue the person or entity who stripped them of their right to self-defense.

A summary of the bills states, “As enacted, provides immunity from civil liability to a person, business, or other entity that owns, controls, or manages property and has the authority to prohibit weapons on that property by positing, with respect to any claim based on the person’s, business’s, or other entity’s failure to adopt such a policy.”

A lawsuit can be filed within two years of the event as long as the injured permit holder stripped of their rights meets the following requirements:

  • They were authorized to carry a gun at the time of the incident
  • They were prohibited from carrying a firearm because of a gun-free sign
  • The property owner was not required to be post a gun free zone by state or federal law, but instead posted by choice

Due to this bill, business owners and entities may think twice before they restrict law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.


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