Sen. Paul rips GOP & spending bill, references President Hillary Clinton

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) criticized the new government spending bill, saying it’s like “Christmas morning” for Democrats.

In an op-ed published this week, Paul wrote, “Looking at all the smiling faces on the other side of the aisle, I have to ask: Are Democrats still the minority party?”

People would be “tempted to think the $1 trillion government funding deal is like Christmas morning” for Democrats, he continued.

“Republicans have handed them free media to brag about how much of the President’s agenda they have stopped.”

Paul even brought up Hillary Clinton, stating, “You’ll see it in the news as an ‘Omnibus spending bill,’ when it should really be called ‘the Status Quo Protection Act.’ President Hillary Clinton would have been proud of this bill.”

Paul criticized the bill for not fulfilling campaign promises – such as cutting spending to multiple government organizations, funding the border wall, or stripping funds from sanctuary cities – nor defending conservative principles like reducing the welfare state.

Paul says the bill “tosses out campaign promises as it continues to fund the military industrial complex and the welfare state.”

“Instead of legislating from crisis to crisis, Republicans should use fiscal deadlines to articulate the principles that supposedly set us apart – to boldly defend the conservative philosophy that fueled the country’s growth and can lead it into a new era of prosperity.”

Paul observed, “Yet, for too long, Republican majorities have backed down from those debates.”

President Trump recently pulled back from many of his demands after Democrats threatened to block the spending bill. Although his concessions will serve to stop a damaging government shutdown, they also mean he had to abandon some of his biggest policy requests.

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