Sales of sex robots are on the rise, with men across the globe being able to order and have shipped to their doorsteps a handmade woman for less than $2,000.

According to the Washington Times, an internet search for sex robots returns links such as “A.I. Sex Robot, The Perfect Girlfriend,” and “RealDolls sex robots are ready to talk you into bed,” and “Sex robot who can orgasm, and remember your favorite position.”

The price of sex robots varies. According to AIRobot Companions, prices range from approximately $1,500 to $3,600. Robots in the lower price range provide “real skin touching” without the “peculiar smell,” and a “fully articulating skeleton” that allows for a variety of positions. Higher spenders can purchase a “love doll” with enough AI that “she can tell you a story, make jokes and tell you the weather,” as well as “respond to your touch and moan with pleasure.”

Sex robots in all price ranges are becoming quite popular in Japan, where a number of men are reportedly choosing them over real women. The sex dolls have also begun to appear in brothels in Europe, offering human men the opportunity to experience sex with a machine.

In the United States, sex robot manufacturer Abyss Creations recently introduced Harmony, the gold standard of sex robots, reportedly coveted for its programmable personality, memory and ability to tell jokes — with a Scottish accent — as well as perform well in bed.

Abyss Creations company has sold thousands of RealDolls, the brand owner Matt McMullen affixes the sex robots, and has a waiting list for orders that will take approximately three months to fulfill. McMullen characterizes his RealDolls as “designed more than anything else for companionship, conversation … so that over time, you get to know each other.”

Regarding Harmony, McMullen said, “She will have the capability of not only remembering but recognizing a user’s preferences, sexually. She can have a simulated computer robot orgasm.”

McMullen and his team of researchers are working at making the sex robots more moveable and more responsive to a variety of touches.

“I think certain people’s needs can be met completely,” he said of his dolls, “but at the end of the day it’s not meant to be a replacement for a human being.”

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